Simpliphi Boss.6 Battery Cabinet - White Metal Box with Green Text
Simpliphi Boss.6 Battery Cabinet - Inside of Metal Box

Boss.6 Battery Cabinet | 053003

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Expand your energy storage by 22.8 kWh with the BOSS.6! This carbon-steel enclosure is a NEMA 3R-rated weather-resistant battery bank housing and wiring solution with built-in shelving. Holding up to 6 PHI batteries, this enclosure can be free-standing or pad mounted.


  • Weather-resistant carbon steel enclosures are easily installed and assembled
  • Corrosion-resistant fan prevents PHI batteries from reaching maximum 120°F charging temperature
  • Energized with cobalt-free, safe and non-toxic PHI batteries that outperform alternative solutions
  • Can be free standing or pad mounted




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