Cummins Onan PS300 Portable Power Station, Gray with White Text, Handle to Carry, Side Angle, 6 different types out outlets
Cummins Onan PS300 Portable Power Station, Gray with White Text, Handle to Carry, Small Digital battery percentage screen
Cummins Onan PS300 Portable Power Station, Gray with White Text, Handle to Carry, 6 different outlets

Cummins Onan Portable Power Station - PS300 | A067W048

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An indoor or outdoor power source, the Cummins Onan PS300 is capable of powering items like string lights, a mini fridge, a heated blanket, and a mixer. The Cummins Onan PS300 is a versatile and highly portable companion that can be used during recreational activities like tailgating, camping, bonfires, parties, festivals, or fairs, or for select home applications during a power loss. Backed by a brand with over 100 years of power generation, the Cummins Onan PS300 is lightweight, portable, and includes two household outlets, a 12V DC port, three USB outlets, and a built-in flashlight. The Cummins Onan PS300 can be charged by an included car charger, optional 60 watt solar panel, 100 watt solar panel, or plugged into the wall.


  • POWER FOR MOBILE LIFESTYLES: Perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle and outdoor recreation without access to utility power. Can also use to power smaller appliances in a power loss.
  • SMALL AND POWERFUL: At 6.5 lbs, this device is capable of charging up to 9 devices at a time 9 devices at a time that can power up to 40 hours of lights, 3 hours of TV, 14 smartphone charges, 3 laptop charges, 6 drone charges, and 2 nights on select CPAP devices. 296 watt hours, 600 peak watts and 300 running watts of power.
  • QUIET AND CLEAN: The Onan PS300 emits no noise and no fumes, is safe for indoor or outdoor use, and runs on a lithium-ion battery for clean power
  • MULTIPLE CHARGING OPTIONS: This device can be charged with an included car charger, wall charger, or optional environmentally friendly solar panel (sold separately)
  • IMPORTANT FEATURES: Flashlight, Three USB ports including USB-C and Quick Charge 3.0 port, one 12V car cigarette outlet, DC outputs, 12V DC input, and two 120V household outlets. LED display with battery level. 
  • BACKED BY TRUSTED BRAND: Cummins is a trusted and reliable brand that has been in the power generation industry for over 100 years





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