Cummins Onan PS160 Portable Power Station, Gray with White Text, Handle to Carry, Side View, 5 different types out outlets
Cummins Onan PS160 Portable Power Station, Gray with White Text, Handle to Carry, 5 different types out outlets

Cummins Onan Portable Power Station - PS160 | A067W046

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If you’re looking for a super compact portable power source while you’re on-the-go, look no further. The Cummins Onan PS160 is the smallest model of the Cummins Power Stations. Designed for a recreational lifestyle, the Cummins Onan PS160 is perfect for off-grid camping, festivals, fairs, road-tripping, and other outdoor activities that need a reliable power source. Backed by a brand with over 100 years of power generation, the Cummins Onan PS160 is small enough to pack in a backpack or bag, and includes two household outlets and four USB ports and a built-in flashlight. The Cummins Onan PS160 can be charged by an included car charger, optional 60 watt solar panel, 100 watt solar panel, or plugged into the wall.


  • POWER FOR MOBILE LIFESTYLES: Perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle and outdoor recreation without access to utility power
  • SMALL AND POWERFUL: At 3.75 lbs, this device is capable of charging up to 9 devices at a time, that can power up to 40-hours of lights, 3-hours of TV, 14 smartphone charges, 3 laptop charges, 6 drone charges, and 2 nights on select CPAP devices. 155 watt hours, 150 peak watts and 100 running watts of power.
  • QUIET AND CLEAN: The Onan PS160 emits no noise and no fumes, is safe for indoor or outdoor use, and runs on a lithium-ion battery for clean power
  • MULTIPLE CHARGING OPTIONS: This device can be charged with an included car charger, wall charger, or optional environmentally friendly solar panel (sold separately)
  • IMPORTANT FEATURES: Flashlight, Two 5-Volt USB ports, 1 USB-C port, 1 quick charge 3.0 port, and two 120-Volt household outlets. LED display with battery level.
  • BACKED BY TRUSTED BRAND: Cummins is a trusted and reliable brand that has been in the power generation industry for over 100 years





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