Off-grid power systems customized for your specific needs

Glacier Power Solutions helps homeowners conquer the challenge of living off-grid with custom off-grid power systems that supply electricity when there is no utility power available for their remote home or business.

Grid-tied solar systems consist of solar panels, an inverter, and a meter that measures the energy produced by the system. The inverter converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity that can be used in the home or business or fed back into the grid.



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System Design

An off-grid power system can be designed for any application, but when properly considered from the planning stage considerable upfront and long term cost savings can be had.

In general, choose the most efficient electric appliances, use propane or alternatives for cooking and heating, and select the lowest rated pumps for wells and septic.


Major components of a typical home off-grid power system are  power generation (solar, wind, hydro, generator) an inverting & charging system, and battery storage capability.  There is a wide variety of components available on the market.  We only recommend and install quality products for reliable and safe operation.

Power Sources

Diversity of energy sources is a key factor in creating a reliable and efficient off grid system. While photovoltaic (solar) systems are widely popular for off-grid they should often be coupled with a backup generator. Wind turbines and micro-hydro are also options to consider. A well designed system is automatic! No fussing with cords, portables, and refueling every few hours.

Battery Storage

Compact in size and weight, Lithium batteries are generally the best choice for an off-grid power system due to their maintenance free nature, high energy density and efficiency.  However not all lithium batteries are created equally! Glacier Power currently prefers LFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) technology due to its safe, efficient and reliable design.

Deep cycle Lead-Acid batteries have been around much longer, and are also still advancing in technology. A quality sealed deep cycle gel system can also last many years and in some situations provide an advantage over Lithium.

Our Favorite Products

We choose to work with high quality, reliable systems and manufacturers with the technology that is the right fit for our climate, and client requirements.  Some of our favorites to work with are:

Inverters, Chargers, and Control Equipment: Victron Energy, Schneider, Simpliphi

Solar: Iron Ridge,Silfab, Hanwa Q-Cells

Generators: Prime Power Rated WINCO, Briggs and Stratton, Generac

Batteries: Simpliphi, Victron Energy, BYD

Installations & Consulting

Our installation work is top notch and always to NEC requirement and best practice. We provide clean and professional installation and setup of your off-grid system and of course maintenance services.

We also offer off-grid system consulting for those that already have a power system installed.


Powering an off-grid home can be a big challenge for homeowners who are considering going off-grid.