Kubota GL-7000-USA

Kubota GL-7000-USA

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GL Series generators are made to deliver reliable power with a durable, convenient design – plus a wealth of features that maximize usability and enhance your peace of mind.

*Available in USA or TM (USA: plug-in receptacles, TM: lugs to hardwire to the generator)


  • Prime Output: 6.5 kW
  • Standby Output: 7 kW
  • Frequency: 60 HZ
  • Phase: Single
  • Large-capacity fuel tank (28L/7.4 U.S. gal.)
  • Easy one-sided maintenance
  • Larger-capacity oil pan employed to stretch the oil change intervals up to 200 operating hours. Reduces the running cost for the generator owner.
  • Protective covers on all moving parts
  • Automatically shuts engine down
  • An access terminal to connect to the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) is standard equipment. Applicable for stationary use as well.
  • Generator and engine are direct-coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss.





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